Recipes for Recovery

I'm producing a small recipe book to raise money for BEAT, the UK's leading charity for support for recovery from eating disorders. Conversations and experiences with therapists, professionals and those suffering and recovering from the illnesses, have taught me that learning to love and connect with food again is a huge step on the path to a normal relationship with food. 

I'm asking people to submit recipes that they enjoy, that can be part of a properly balanced diet, are not too overwhelming to cook, and that mean something to them. It might be that your mum always used to cook this, it was the first meal you learned to make for yourself, or it reminds you of a holiday. Whatever the reason, I want to get across that food matters - for fuel, social enjoyment, and taste.  

If you have a recipe, please do email me the ingredients, the method, how many people it serves, and a couple of sentences on why it matters to you.

If you are a professional, nutritionist, cook, therapist, app developer, journalist or publisher, or anyone else who might be interested in supporting the project in some way, please do let me know! I'd love to chat.

Please email me at and I look forward to hearing from you!

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